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Students enrolled in our rope access and ppe competent inspector courses receive an e-reader preloaded with the course content. Stuff you might see on the e-reader include:

  • So you want to be a rope access technician
  • manufacturer use and care guidance
  • Inspection forms

Course Information

so you want to be a rope access technician

We wrote the book on rope access training. Packed with information learned from decades of service in the rope access community, you'll refer to this book throughout your career!

​​Get trained
it's hard to have a bad day when you're doing something you love. 

Our students receive a world-class education in a relaxed environment. Their instructor will guide them through the curriculum in a consistent, logical manner so that each student has a chance to learn, practice and retain each skill, and then build upon the newly mastered knowledge.

We learn our lessons, too. Over the years we've come across some really smart people. They have taught us some valuable lessons, and we include these in our curriculum, too. After all, you use your certifications to get a job, you use your knowledge to build your career. We train you to go to work. Enroll today in one of our courses - you'll be glad you did. 

What you need to know about ouR courses 

  • We try to ensure your time with us is spent wisely, so we may limit the size of each class.
  • Click on the title of each course to read about the course content, rules and restrictions.
  • Some courses may have prerequisites which have to be completed first in order to become properly certified. 
  • Courses may require a deposit at the time of enrollment. Check our terms and conditions for more information.
  • the rules (sprat, irata, company)
  • Equipment specifications
  • knots and rigging 
  • mechanical advantage
  • Certification requirements by level and scheme